The government of Ireland shared his considerations about increasing tax collecting from local gambling operators – from 1% to 2%.

This ruling will officially be promulgated next week by the Ministry of Finance Pascal Donohye as part of its presentation of Ireland’s Tax Budget Plan for 2019.

Income from tax fees with gembling operators is not now a substantial component: it is about 2.4 billion euros of the estimated budget. Well, the new practice of taxation will bring another +50 million euros per year. Partly due to these revenues, the government will finance social programs to help Ludomans.

Then the issues of the government budget will proceed to the legislation. A scheme with an increase in tax and competent distribution of reversed funds to assist Azarto-dependent suggested an independent alliance, the main force of which is the batch of the liberals-conservatives of the genus Gal.

Will there be an increase in tax for the operators of the betting market – is still unknown. But as long as they (including the bookmakers) pay 15% of their income in the treasury.

However, an increase in tax fees for bookmakers is not excluded, and this perspective is concerned about the local Association of Bookmakers. Terrestrial institutions of this type and so passed in quantity: if earlier than them in Ireland, about 1,300 worked, now – now 800. Well, an increase in tax, according to the Chairmen of the Association, and is completely fraught with the fact that this market in Ireland will be sick.