Is it possible to trust the certificate of confidence from Askgamblers?

Posted by: Guruazarta
August 23, 2018 at 00:13

Online gembling is a sphere in which the opinion of solid resources is valued. It is so appreciated that some sites can sell their top items in their ratings, as well as positive reviews. When such unknown sites do this, there is nothing terrible. You can expect from them anything. But when trust resources are engaged in this, it’s already a trouble.

In 2017, such accusations sounded toward one of the most trust English resources – Askgamblers. According to one of the webmasters, they sell their trust certificates (Certificate of TRUST). To this conclusion, he came from the fact that Askgamblers issued this certificate of confidence operator Cashpot Casino (former Cosmic Casino), which belongs to the AFFPOWER group of companies.

About the dark affower business we already wrote. They stated themselves as an honest company, but in their casinos used fake software NETENT and NOVOMATIC. It was in 2016, so, Askgamblers could know about this sensational history.

Askgamblers stops cooperation with AFFPOWER

Need to pay tribute to askgamblers that they eventually abandoned all casinos that were associated with AFFPOWER. However, this is not exactly their merit. If it were not for a webmaster who leads the Online Casino Reviewer website, they continued to send players to sites that were caught in fraud. Moreover, before this story was predicted publicly, Askgamblers and Catena Media did not respond to webmaster messages.

Why is it important?

Askgamblelers reached such scales when you need to be very neat and correct in terms of the one to reward the signs of the differences and put forward on top positions. This is responsible, as a large number of players are relying on resource assessments. Promoting for money unreliable casino, the site substitutes players.

It is possible that this can happen unsighted and money site did not take. But this does not exclude the mistakes that was committed. After all, it turns out that trust certificates are issued without due verification.

On this topic

Is it possible to trust the certificate of confidence from Askgamblers?

Askgamblers announced winners of 2018

In the screenshot at the bottom, how Askgamblers explain their credential certificate. Such a translation: "AskGamblelers confidence certificate highlights the best and safest industry casino. Moreover, the certificate confirms that these carefully selected casinos are transparent business, oriented customers and are ready to solve any questions as soon as possible."

Is it possible to trust the certificate of confidence from Askgamblers?

After such incidents, there are no doubts about how justified the issuance of certificates. Is it really possible to trust the choice of askgamblers? Who knows. But in the guarantee of deposits from thepogg I still believe.

Is it possible to trust the certificate of confidence from Askgamblers?

How much is askgamblers?

This site was created in 2005 by a person who was engaged in web design. After 11 years, Askgamblers are already millions. In 2016, he was estimated at 15 million euros! It is for such money Catena Media bought a site. After the site has passed into the hands of this company, the resource has become aggressively advanced. It is possible that increasing content, the site lost in quality, which led to the fact that fraudsters were among them among the best.

After moving to new owners, AskGamblers even announced their intention to register as ADR (Alternative dispute resolution) and get approval UK Gambling Commission. Then they would become an official mediator between casinos and players and could listed with Ecogra, IBAS and other services on the UK Gambling Commission website.

But the plan did not work. Probably because similar Services must be financially independent of the casino. And in the case of askgamblers, they depended directly from the casino.