Not all round bonus run automatically. Sometimes the player needs to give a team or choose something to the Bonus Round be launched or continued. Then it appears this opportunity to close the slot and open every other day, two, week and t.D.

Theoretically, everything should be exactly the way – the game opens at that moment, where he stopped. Although in practice I do not know whether everything will be so after a long break. I heard not from one player that sometimes after closing the bonus round does not continue, and the balance returns to the original, as if the Bonus Round was not.

Case with a player

The player about which we talked above said I got used to play immediately on several slots and constantly goes from one tab to another. When he started a bonus game on one slot, he saw it and left the drums to spin, switching to another slot. Seems to be, bonus game has not completed automatically, and not accrued winnings. It became the basis for cancellation of the bonus.

Intentionally or not, the casino does not want players to wait until the bonuses be played and winnings Bonus Round will be enrolled already on the real player’s account. Still about such practice I personally did not hear. But since the casino is massively inserting this condition, which means there are players who are trying or trying to use it.


If you like to switch from slot to slot, you need to be attentive how you took bonuses. When playing your money, it will not be calculated as a violation. After all, the casino is there no difference.

It is best to check the support service whether you will be considered that you postponed the Bonus Round if you just switch the tab and return to the slot to activate or continue the bonus game. So you will avoid annoying mistakes.