Municipal authorities of Latgale, the Latvian region, occupying a quarter of the territory of the whole country, do not want to expand the network of gambling halls on its territory. After the survey of residents of the city of Lebanon, regional deputies refused to issue a license at the Lvbet gambling operator. In Lebanon, there are already two gaming rooms and residents say it too much. Another Latvian city of Rezekne decided to completely free the city from gaming halls.

Lvbet operator twice filed documents for obtaining a license to open a new hall in Lebanon. The first time the local authorities refused because of a location that did not comply with the rules. Later LVBet made a new request again. This time, the Duma conducted a poll among local residents, in which 1200 people took part, 96% of respondents spoke out against the opening of a new gambling hall. Thus, the regional Duma refused to issue a license to the operator LVBet.

In addition, in another Latvian city of Rezekne, the authorities set a goal to close all gambling halls in the city in the near future. The decision was made in early summer 2018. Local authorities are currently looking for legal mechanisms to address this problem.