Demand for gambling services in Latvia is growing, and local authorities are scrupulously approach to the issue of the best organization of the work of the industry.

NKP – New Conservative Party of Latvia – began collecting signatures under the initiative to localize ground casinos. Thematic gambling places plan to limit zones with 5-star hotels. In order for this bill to be considered by the Deputies of the Seimas, it is necessary to collect 10,000 signatures. It is expected that citizens will support the initiative of the party.

The head of the NCP shares considerations that the gambling business in the country needs clear coordination. Limiting gambling zones will protect the interests of users – in particular, the citizens with governing dependence on possible negative consequences will save. He calls not to watch through the fingers on the gambling business: if you have a casino work, then let it work with minimal damage to users. Well, so far the political top of the country tends to justify the work of the industry instead of finding the optimal solution.