Deputies of the Seimas of Latvia discussed the initiative of representatives of the new conservative party (NKP) on the transfer of all kind of gambling establishments in the hotel Luxury Hotels, after the petition of this topic scored more than 11,000 signatures of local residents, but never carried a single decision. This issue will be re-discussed in a few weeks.

Reportedly, the gambling market in Latvia is currently on the rise and brings to the country’s budget about 70 million euros per year. But representatives of the conservative party in the Latvian parliament are sure that this money is not worth thousands of Latvians suffering from gambling addiction. And the transfer of legally operating gambling establishments to expensive hotels will make it possible to cut off people with low incomes from this business, since now almost every local resident falls under the influence of gambling. According to the Conservative MP Juris Jurashs, now, first of all, it is necessary to protect people from the harmful influence of such games, and only then to calculate the income to the treasury from gambling establishments.

At the same time, the Latvian Ministry of Finance strongly disagrees with the deputies of the Seimas from the NKP, believing that in this way the entire legal gambling business in the country can go into the "shadow" and not bring income to the budget. The Ministry of Finance came up with an alternative proposal – to create a special register in the country, where any local resident who wants to protect himself from participating in gambling can add himself.