Ludomans from Latvia, who can not provide themselves with a responsible game, asking for casino workers about restrictions.

In Latvian Radio the other day raised the issue of people’s problems with game dependence. The air has reported that more than 1,200 residents of Latvia appealed to the State Inspectorate with a request to make them in the ranks of persons who cannot attend casino.

All Casino of Latvia act according to the law, allowing the entrance to the institution only when providing documents that establish the identity of the visitor. And it is done not only to fence from gambling minors. The receiving party also checks whether the visitor does not work in the list of persons. In the opposite case, the entrance to the casino can be stopped.

Latvians, suffering from gambling addiction, decided that casino protection could protect them from visiting thematic institutions if they themselves were not able to control themselves.

Signan Byrne, who heads the Inspectorate on the coordination of gambling, notes that the laws are not provided for. To put a visitor or not to put it – the question of which the decision remains for the institution. But the leader still agreed on his part, calling such a perspective to the gesture of goodwill towards Ludomans.

Once with the fact, problems of ludomania pop up in other countries. For example, there are statistics according to which every eighth minor citizen from the EU countries visits gambling sites.