The fact is that Betfair, according to the regulator, ignored explicit signs of ludomania and allowed major expenses. Unknown player losing big money. At one point he lost 86,000 in less than 25 minutes. And after 47 minutes after that, he made a deposit at 35,000. Other signs of Ludomania was that the player canceled the conclusion and set 145,000 per day.

The player also repeatedly used the self-combination. The regulator saw in the case of other signs of luda. Therefore, the decision was against the bookmaker. Since the operator violated the rules of the responsible game, The rates were considered invalid, and money should return the player.

This is not the first case. UK Gambling Commission, UK Regulator, regularly penalized for such violations. Is the responsibility for the uncontrolled game, you need to lay on casino and bookmakers? Either this is the problem of LudoManov? Because probably no ludoman complains when wins and displays money.