Conversion of casino loyalty points in real money is also common practice. It is also common that players of higher status, in addition to other benefits, receive a more profitable exchange rate for money. Consider that in some casinos, loyalty points go like bonuses and should be played. Although in most cases they are accrued as real money free for output.

Loyalty programs in casino can be very different. There are very unattractive suggestions, while other casinos are quite generous to permanent players. So sometimes it is more profitable to stay in one casino and climb in loyalty levels than to register in a variety of new casinos.

Loyalty points not only can be exchanged for money. Some casinos offer whole stores where you can buy various goods or bonuses, paying loyalty points. The most advanced store in the Energycasino casino. There you will find the largest number of goods and suggestions. Read about casino stores here.

Some operators assign statuses without on the basis of the number of collected casino loyalty points, and on the basis of the amount of deposits for the month. This rule is valid in Playfortuna casino, which also charges more loyalty points to higher status players.

VIP status

If you are an active player and put the little things, then for you really get to one of the VIP levels of casino loyalty. This means that you will have access to various proposals that are not available to other. Moreover, usually such players have their own personal manager who promptly solves all questions.

Sometimes VIP status is issued without on the basis of the number of deposits or collected loyalty points. Casino does not put certain criteria, and chooses the status itself, to assign status to the player or not. How, for example, in the casino ENERGYCASINO. But loyalty to the casino will always play an important role in this matter.

At Playamo Casino is also offered supercar Ferrari 488 GTB For players of the highest VIP level. Casino promises to provide the car within 30 days after reaching the level of Godlike. Although it will take to spend the cost of several such supercars. The amount of rates required to obtain status – $ 62.5 million.

Loyalty program in online casino. What it is profitable?