Affgambler: Andrei Kovalski do not need to control anyone. Need to raise and not in 19, but from childhood. My son learns about casino and drugs not from streamers successful and from me

Zoom FD: Affgambler And what do you think you will reveal your child from this!karma and baked is not lodge!

Fed Halk: Why do you protect them?I do not understand.Not everyone about you.There would be no striming would not be 80% of deposits.And new dependent players.And from all the streamer Vitus is the most ahung

Affgambler: Fed Halk, I do not protect anyone, where did you get? I’m talking about the fact that in the problems of a person – he is primarily to blame himself, and not a streamer.

  • There would be no striming would not be 80% of deposits, well, well
  • There would be no stalls with cigarettes – there would be 80% of smokers (in fact, they themselves begin to grow tobacco)
  • There would be no shops with vodka – there would be 80% of the funifier (in fact they will find a hawthorn)
  • There would be no stalls with drugs – there would be no drug addicts (although the wait, there are no such stalls, but there are all the drug addicts)

I repeat once again, but in other words. Demand creates supply. If people want something (bad or good, no matter) – then people who will be offered by this service – and not the opposite. Not thanks to Vitus will affect people. And due to the fact that there are dependent people (ludormans), people like Vitus affect.

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NS.WITH. With Vitus, Lujop and T.D. not familiar, did not meet, did not correspond in Skype