Mill Adventure received a license of MGA B2B [Zebr_Tag_ / H1 & GT; & LT; / DIV & GT;

Mill Adventure Maltese Platform (TMA) received a B2B license guaranteed by Malta Gambling Management (MGA). The company that already has a B2C license is now ready to expand the market for its game platform and WHITE Label solutions.

The company offers smart and brilliant artificial intelligence solutions for casino management and gambling industry, which promise to reduce labor needs and increase the efficiency of customer attraction.

The highlight of the plurality of TMA solutions is SmartLobby. It provides an automated system for managing the entire process and at the same time offers players rich in data and individualized content. The company has been working in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Canada, Brazil, New Zealand and Germany.

Dario Arruad, TMA CEO, said:

"Malta gambling management is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious licensing authorities in the industry. B2B license obtaining not only indicates our desire to offer first-class, transparent and safe products, but also gives us access to a new business segment. This is our gateway that will help more partners to fully use the possibilities of artificial intelligence, automation and flexibility, as well as show them how far we can promote their business with the help of more advanced and optimized solutions. ".