This week, Play’n GO announced the launch of its new adventure game Miner Donkey Trouble. This is another slot from the manufacturer and the game provider for online casino, but this time with the adventure plot.

The Director General of the company Johan Tolnkvis said not so long ago that 2021 will be productive for Play’n GO, and while still holds out its promise. The manufacturer and the Games supplier released its first slot at the very beginning of January.

MINER DONKEY TRUBLE is very different from Coils of Cask in terms of theme, appearance and design of functions. Scene line is also completely different.

In Miner Donkey Trouble, as follows from the name, the story is an underground adventure. The plot develops around the miner and his donkey nickname. The collapse shares them, and the miner must do everything possible to protect his favorite companion, collecting along the way hidden gold and precious stones.

There are several interesting features in the game, including the function of free rotations, providing a varied gaming experience, as well as the emphasis is on facts using the Golden Nugget function, which launches free rotations and, thus, gives more features for players.

Play’n GO – award-winning manufacturer and Game supplier who was founded back in 2005. At that time it was one of the first companies that have aware of the potential of mobile games. Since then, Play’n Go has established itself as one of the largest creators of the online casino gaming machines.