The Swedish Content Supplier for online casino NETENT announced the upcoming start-up of his Starburst PowerPots Community jackpots system with a new, easily customizable product, which must be deployed throughout the family of the most popular games.The fact that NETENT promises is a fundamentally new Jackpot concept that allows players to collect Starburst token for a number of online casino brands and NETENT games to get a chance to win a jackpot of community along with other casino players.
Players will play together to fill the PowerPots Progress Indicator and activate the community bank. Then the specified bank is divided between any number of players who participated in filling it. Even those players who are offline at the time of launching a community sweat will receive their equitable share. All games in the Starburst Powerpots family are configured to the same state and jackpot value, including additional major progressive jackpot for additional acute sensations and improved player experience.
Netent community jackpot system is the last of the series of innovations represented by gambling providers on the eve of the event Ice London, which began in London on Tuesday, February 4.