Gambling Insider published an article in which Andres Rengifo, Director of Netent Live talks about the situation in the field of Live Casino. He says that thanks to new game formats, this category has become more attractive for different players.

Five years ago in the database of Lyiv Casino players, men are usually dominated by age older than 35. But the development of new gaming formats contributed to a change in the demographics of players and a regular players more balanced by the semi.

Improvement in accessibility is a key focus for the sector and allowed to expand the attractiveness of Live Casino outside the VIP players and Hairrollers.

He also noted the importance of this sector for operators, which became particularly obvious during a pandemic.

Considering that this vertical has steadily showed higher rates in comparison with the rest of the market, which is a rare achievement in these indefinite times, it can be a key differentiator in a portfolio that does not just attract new players, but also increases revenue.