The company YGGDRASIL, a well-known provider of innovative solutions for online games, invites players to join them in an epic search for gold and huge wealth in their new adventure video call called Aldo’s Journey.

In this video cloth, built by the manufacturer according to 5 × 5 scheme and with 65 lines of payments, players accompany the traveling merchant named Aldo in four distant countries. Each country has its own unique treasures, giving fans of slot machines chance to detect higher multipliers, removal of characters, sticky symbols of joker and random wild lines.

Aldo traveler is constantly in motion and acts as a wild symbol, making steps in any direction with each rotation. When this symbol lands in the center with three free characters, players are sent to a multiple expedition, in which free spins can activate various bonus combinations that can lead a player to huge winnings. And when Aldo lands in the center, it brings even more random jokers and multipliers that act during all free spins.

The director of Yggdrasil Natalia Ovchinnikova said: "We cannot wait to please our fans of this exciting game with the Aldo Trader traveling around the world. Traveling through the game in search of gold, players will be in wonderful lands from Italy and China to Persia and Mongolia. At the Aldo’s Journey game fiction graphics and many fun functions, including free spins, bonus combinations and jokers ».