Returning to soap and feet – is it possible to use hint of humor almost in all cases? I say yes, if you do it right. There is a border that cannot be cross, but in this case we did not cross this feature – at least, we consider it in Nolimit. You must also remember that our players are 18+, so, in my opinion, it gives us more freedom to be on the verge of permissible. Once again, if video games and movies can cross this face, why you can not? And whether we go through this face in this case?

Speaking of numbers, you decided to include the option of buying a bonus for 2,000x. What do you tell critics who believe that this can force regulators to even tighter slot control?

The extreme cost of buying a bonus at some point had to appear, and I am not surprised that Nolimit became the first. In DNA, Nolimit laid an extension of any boundaries, and the same attitude can be expected from us later. Either you are expanding the borders, or return to the creation of cute fruit slots, but since we are called Nolimit, we have only one option!

I welcome and respect the regulation also about buying bonuses. I do not approve of bans on the purchase of bonuses, instead they just have to be correctly performed. Buying a bonus is really just a huge bet on playground with lower volatility. When regulated, you need to analyze the Max combination.Rates in the ratio of volatility Bonus shopping. Not sure where limits should pass, but the rules must be followed, and operators can set their own limits on, which also applies to the restrictions on the purchase of bonuses. Ultimately, responsibility for the following players to play responsibly lies on the operator. I probably need to add that despite the fact that we offer the purchase of a bonus for 2,000x, in all our cases with extreme cost, always worth the maximum limit, including this slot. So, there is a limit of how much you can buy one bonus. By default, we set a limit on 10K for any bonus purchase, but our operators can change the limit if they want.

We bought a lot of round bonus rounds during testing and got quite good results. So that we do not understand incorrectly, we note that there is an obviously a huge risk in investing 2,000x in a slot, but with how the bonus has been developed, it seems almost impossible to get 10 dead spins?

You’re right. San Quentin has options for buying a bonus for 100x, 400x and 2,000x; Volatility decreases with an increase in the cost. This is an international standard, but it is also the natural behavior of what has an extremely high expected return. If adding lining wild, multipliers and other cool things, it is almost impossible to constantly lose, and you always return something from buying a bonus.

The slot is already there is something to discuss, but he also has an extreme potential in 150,000x. Is it really possible to get so much or you just tease? Tell us what should fall out to appear a chance to such potential.

When you are contradictory, you can go and wa-bank, not? Yes, the slot potential in 150,000x, and we received several such payments during the simulation. It also meant that we lowered Max rate up to 32 euros. I think that payment in 4.8 million euros are more so sufficient for one back.