Online casinos buy databases of potential players

Posted by: Guruazarta
August 14, 2018 at 23:35

Until recently, I thought that online casinos promote their services through affiliates and advertising on TV or on the Internet. But I read an article on The Guardian, where the other was explained in detail – the easier and cheap way to go to the players. It turns out that some online casinos buy databases of potential players from special companies.

This is not the fact that a person himself is looking for a casino and finds members of affiliates. And casino begin bombing those information about which they bought. And offered to play casino to those who were not going to do this. Preparative and completely irresponsible way. On the screen at the bottom of the headline of The Guardian translated "Revealed: How Gambling Industry Celite on Poor People and Former Players."

Online casinos buy databases of potential players

Journalists of the publisher found out that there are special companies through which online casinos and bookmakers can purposefully go to the audience they need. And their goal, no matter how surprising, are people with low income and former players who threw or try to quit.

A man with a lowest failure is most likely to attract loud promises of the winnings. And former players already know what online gembling and operators hope that they will rise again on the game if they make a tempting offer.

Why operators choose such advertising?

Advertising in conventional ways is expensive. Casino advertising based on the popularity of the canal or site, can cost huge money. But buy data on potential customers, apparently, inexpensive.

Moreover, it is also effective. After all, they can choose, specifically what people they need. For example, geography, wealth, floor, age, casino game experience. Based on this, you can create targeted casino advertising, which will be effective for a particular public.

One of those who personally familiar with this type of casino advertising, said that operators can choose the most different parameters: revenues, credit cards, loans, insurance information and even the number of children. It all helps to successfully advertise online casino.

Where are the companies collect this data?

Another familiar with the methods of promotion A person told The Guardian, where such detailed data come from. Turns out, People often provide all this information to companies. Of course, they do this not intentionally, but by negligence.

There are different sites that are playing small gifts. In order to take part in the draw, a person must provide his data. Some similar resources even enter into their rules and conditions that the signed user permits the newsletter information from various companies.

No one reads these rules and conditions to which they agree. Therefore, no problems arise. By subscribing, users give permission to send them a different kind of advertising and suggestions, including casino advertising. It is clear that you are bought on various draws of small prizes Lowest people. Therefore, for online casinos there are just enough potential customers.

One of the desired categories to which online casino is hunted, are former ludormans. They are trying or already got rid of dependence and activated self-exclusion to avoid temptation. But here they come from the unknown online casino, where they promise free "cheese". Someone will definitely hold back, especially if you remind them about the charms of the game regularly. One source called this method of advertising casino incredibly effective.

On this topic

Online casinos buy databases of potential players

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Sometimes companies collecting data sell information about ludomans per percentage of profits or fixed amount for each player. That is, become partners casino.

How to deceive sports players "Experts"

Another dubious way to earn money for gambling affiliates – to issue yourself for a sports expert. Such people open accounts to social.networks and lure on their partner link players to bookmakers. Then predict potentially failed outcomes so that players lose. After all, the money partner earns players for loss.

Punishment from UK Gambling Commission

The UK regulator calls on operators and their partners to the responsible approach when advertising a casino. Since on partners casino power UK Gambling Commission does not apply, they punish operators who allow irresponsible advertising of their casino.

In the past, partners are often fraudulent ways lured players for casino sites. And there was no possibility to punish them. But now the regulator officially stated that the operators themselves will be responsible for the actions of its partners.

BGO has already been fined for deceptive advertising casino. As a result, the operator was imposed Penalty of 300 thousand pounds For similar misdeed. And deceiving not only the casino itself, but also partners of the casino. And this is not the only case when operators receive punishment for partners. So, at least, the UK casino will more carefully choose partner sites.


Of all this, you can make a general conclusion, and not only relative to the casino. Better not subscribe to any of any draws or suggestions where you need to leave your information. Otherwise, your data can sell those who will finish you with their advertising.