In Kazakhstan, the employees of law enforcement agencies are conducted by special operations, during which numerous illegal ignorative institutions are eliminated, which hosts gambling for money. This year, only in the Karaganda region discovered more than 80 game establishments, which carried out their activities illegally. The work of all these underground gambling institutions was suppressed by the police. This was announced in Twitter Erlan Koshanov, who is akim of the Karaganda region of Kazakhstan.
"Only from the beginning of 2019 in the Karaganda region, law enforcement officers were stopped by the work of 82 illegal gambling establishments, who conducted gambling money, including two gambling institutions online, who carried out their work on the Internet. From these institutions, the police seized 228 computers with software for the Games on Dengia and more than 500 units of other gambling techniques, as well as more than 4 million 300 thousand TG. Active action to combat the shadow gambling market continues, "wrote Erlan Koshanov.