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Police detain the organizers of gambling in Thailand

In Thailand, police officers in the fight against organized crime conducted several raids, arresting criminals involved in organizing and conducting illegal gambling.Reportedly, during one of such raids by the police, carried out in the national reserve Nujaree Raekrun, law enforcement officers were able to detain at once 26 people who were playing dice for money […]


In Germany, advertising of gambling games grows by 300%

In Germany, companies spend on advertising money games peaked in the past five years, although many promotional products recognized by almost all federal authorities as prohibited by law. About this, with citing Research Tools, bethub reports.org. Reportedly based on data from AdVision research found that 64 advertises its gambling in Germany companies, and spending a […]


Dubai denies gaming license rumors

Dubai government issued a statement refuting social media reports that the emirate has begun issuing gambling licenses. The Dubai government said the gambling license reports circulating on social media were "incorrect" without providing any further details. Gambling is not permitted in the UAE, although the government of that country allows some organizations to hold contests […]