Association of affiliates will promote fair conditions

Joonas Karhu, Business Director of the Bojoko affiliate site, announced the creation of Professional Gambling Affiliates Association (Association of Professional Hambays Association). According to him, the relationship of affiliates and casino one-bed. Operators dictate conditions and can change them at any time. New Association is designed to equalize the situation. As we know, the contracts […]


As a casino virtual reality can help ludomans?

At this stage, they found out that By providing patients with virtual reality casino, they can receive valuable information about the thoughts, patient behavior, as well as identify potentially dangerous situations. For example, a player reacts more to the sounds of slots, their appearance, the joy of other players and T.D. In the third stage, […]


Advertising gambling in Armenia are going to limit

Armenian authorities, in concern about the health and welfare of citizens, can completely ban the broadcast of advertising of gambling establishments on television and radio, reports ArmInfo. This proposal was made by the deputy of the National Assembly of Armenia Grachea Hakobyan, who proposes to ban advertising on gambling during the daytime, as well as […]