We realized early that the entertainment value of the slot is the same integral part as the possibility of large winnings. Entertainment provides durability. Now it is not enough to shake bright light bulbs and loud music on a slot and promise large winnings; People want their fun.

We create our slots on strong subjects and stories, and we pay great attention to the gameplay and travel, in which the players will carry the slot. Therefore, Reactoonz and many other our slots remain steadily popular at long periods, while others quickly reach the peak and fall.

Obviously, REACTOONZ 2 larger and possibly even more saturated with events. At a minimum, you twice the likelihood of getting more than 1,000x in Reactoonz 2, than in the original. What did you want to achieve when planned to create this sequel? Probably there was a certain pressure from the fact that the original is so popular?

Believe or not, but in fact there was no pressure. Nothing forced us to create this game; We felt that we had suitable ideas and concepts to improve experience in comparison with the original, and was the right time to explore these ideas.

People asked for another Reactoonz game, but we were not going to create it, until you feel that we have something to add to the existing first game set. For some sequel is something like a way to quickly elaborate or as an alternative to invent something original, and we just develop a story, and we are sure that people like it.

What exactly is REACTOONZ 2 Differs from the original?

You will need to play it to find out! Yes No, of course, in REACTOONZ 2 there will be elements of the original, we do not want to throw out all that people like in the first slot; Otherwise there will be no connection and no sense in creating a sequel.

You will learn all the characters Reactoonz and Gargantoon, and they will perform all the same features, but we have some new characters and new features you enjoy. We will not tell too much; You can experience all this!

You guys, incredibly high production turns, however, most slots are successful. It actually amazes. Sometimes we joke about what you need to hire a whole team so that they write reviews only on your games. What is the key to your success, and how you manage to support such high quality?

There is no secret; It’s all about our devotion to create the best entertainment. We put the quality of content at the head of priorities; We do not run the game until we make sure that it is better not to do it. We use our knowledge and industry experience to create slots that, we know, will be interested in players and benefit operators; it is important. We understand what the players want that they inspire them, attracts their interest, and we combine these elements in each created game … And it gives the result.

You guys never intervened in our reviews and were not subject to their doubts, even when there was a negative criticism. It seems you are more configured to listen to opinion and draw conclusions. You agree with this observation?

It is impossible to learn something if listen only to those people who agree to you. Alien view is very important for us, because at the expense of it we learn how to become better, that is why we keep such a strong position. Whether it is the opinion of the sites like yours, or the opinion of our partners of the operators, we all take into account, good and bad to become the best version of Play’n Go, which we can be.

And finally, do you want to say something to our readers?


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