We recently told that now casino licensed in the UK must check the source of the revenue of players. The reaction from the players was mostly negative, and they continue to express their discontent about this. It suggests how large-scale a problem (for players), and what will it lead to?

How big is the problem?

UK Gambling Commission License has been considered one of the most preferred for players. It guarantees the protection of their interests and compliance with the operator of high standards. But the excessive rigor of the regulator may soon change the situation.

It is still impossible to draw conclusions to the expense of how many players will send requests for testing sources of wealth. But on the forums, all new perturbations appear on this matter, it means that the verification is not united. Many even those who can provide the required documents are dissatisfied with the innovation. Still, because there is no longer selfie with the passport, but more serious documents.

Alternative jurisdictions

For those who prefer reliable jurisdictions, but it does not want to confirm the sources of money, alternatives can be offered in the form of a casino of Gibraltar and Alderney. These are jurisdictions that are in the White UKGC list and no less strict to their licensees. Although it is possible that these jurisdictions will follow the example of the UK and will introduce a request to check the sources of wealth.

How about Malta? MGA has not yet obliges operators to conduct such checks. This is a rather solid jurisdiction that has a good reputation. It is unlikely if it follows the example of UKGC and obliges a casino to check where the players come from the players.

There are still Curacao. This jurisdiction will definitely not strain either their operators or their players. This regulator generally interests in general, therefore casinos that are licensed only in this jurisdiction are not considered the most reliable. There are many and normal casinos among them, but due to the lack of control, some operators are not neglecting and deception.

Profit or loss for casino?

For casino it A new rule can turn into damages. Many players who entered the request to confirm their sources of wealth, respond negatively about it. It is possible that after that they simply will not play the casino. It turns out that law-abiding casinos will lose their customers or risk the fact that the regulator will then punish for non-compliance. And punishes ukgc very strict.

But this requirement and a big plus for some operators. They can intentionally send a request to the player if they don’t want to pay large winnings. And this will be a legitimate requirement, and not an attempt to delay pay. How many players will go to the requirements to confirm the sources of wealth? Surely a few. Then with the rest you can just say goodbye and leave them a winnings if they won too much.

The recent leakage of internal documents of one online casino of Great Britain showed how the casino teach his existers not to be as useful as possible, but first of all, to act from the interests of the casino. Therefore, if the casino will use a new rule for their own mercenary purposes, it will not be a surprise.

Which casino requires confirming sources of income?

Their number is constantly increasing. UKGC intends to convey this message to each operator who uses their license. So, if your operator is licensed in the UK and does not yet ask these documents, in the future it will still be forced to fulfill the requirement.


If you are often playing and large, get ready for moving to another casino or be prepared to send documents about where you get money from. Videoslots support noted that this measure is mainly applied to the UK players, but the request can be sent a player from any country.