Playtech, leading the world company specializing in game technologies announced the launch of Major Black Rules Speed ​​Blackjack – a new scalable Live Casino game designed to play in the community. The rules of the new game add an unusual turn to the classic blackjack game process, introducing a new level of interaction with the player. The game has two different modes, Majority Rules and Best Strategy, with a certain number of players in each round, dictating mode.

In the "Most Rules" mode, all players vote for the actions of "Blow", "Stand", "Dual" or "Separation", with 50% or more votes activate automatic action. In games with a smaller number of players, the "Best Strategy" mode is activated, in which the hands of the players are automatically distributed in accordance with a predetermined stream of the best strategies of Blackjack. For both types of modes, players need to decide in advance, whether a vote or a better strategic solution for SPLIT and Doubles, which require additional funds.

Designed in collaboration with GVC and released as an exclusive, Major Black Rules Speed ​​BlackJack package will be available to the entire network since July.