Elisabetta Bertucci believes that the company should be much more. According to her estimates, they must pay her about 18,000 Canadian dollars, which she lost from the date of registration in 2010.

The operator charged not because they had this bug, and for the fact that they did not inform the players about it. Although already when she first appealed to them, they already knew about the problem. Plus, they did not allow the players to change their logins to make their history of the game, which is known to opponents, was no longer associated with them and did not give out valuable information about the manner of their game.

The lawyer of the victim calls on all the players of the operator who played and lost them until May 18, 2020, join the charges with the requirement to compensate them all the losers, plus pay compensation for 300 Canadian dollars to each and allow them to change the logins.