In 2018, PokerStars was purchased to the Stars Group, which was appealing and won. The decision was canceled. But on December 17, 2020, the Supreme Court of Kentucky issued the decision that the initial fine of $ 870 million. Only partially compensate the damage that the poker room struck the state as a whole and the residents of the state in particular. In his conclusion, the court called PokerStars criminal syndicate.

In May of this year, Flutter Entertainment bought the Stars Group, and by inheritance they got this mega duty, plus 12% for each year after the initial court decision. The state governor welcomed the decision and noted that this compensation will help them cope with the consequences of coronavirus.

The founder of PokerStars himself recently decided to surrender to the US authorities After nine years in the run and arrest in Switzerland. He recognized his guilt in organizing illegal gambling and paid only $ 30,000 fine.