Slots Expert took an interview with the Relax Gaming Director, Simon Hammon. The famous Megaways mechanics that the developer acquired in October 2018 became the subject of the conversation.

Simon noted that this is an innovative mechanic with which they did not have to work. And she definitely played a role in the current favorable position Relax Gaming. Despite the fact that they also acquired a MEGACLUSTERS license, they still see great opportunities for developing Megaways concepts.

We like the way you strive to be a little different in your games, and it also reflects on your Megaways Content. You consider yourself a company that thinks non-standard?

Definitely yes. When you work on such a competitive market as this, to be another need. Those who can adapt and possesses foresight, succeed in the long run. We are proud of our work and try to stand out by any possible ways, so that when it became possible to combine our ideas with mechanics, which we are highly appreciated, and which adds an element of creativity, we did not suffer from using it.

On the question of what is the key to the creation of a successful MEGAWAY slot machine, he replied that the mechanic should not be used carelessly, counting on success only due to the popularity of Megaways.

While Megaways is definitely a popular mechanic that enjoy players, it should not be applied if it does not add a real advantage of entertaining values ??of the game. MEGAWAYS MEGAWAYS MANAGE DO NOT FEABILITED IN DEVELOPMENT, it can provide initial success, but does not hit it, so the method of use is important. Temple Tumble, which is still popular, despite the fact that one of our first shows that the proper use of popular formats can provide the duration of pleasure and give the game that reveals the mechanic to the full. The mechanic itself has become so recognizable among the players that the new structures of the drums have become quite familiar to be easily understood even when making some changes.