After a long idle, Vegas casino is ready to open on June 4. According to the institutions, the demand is unexpectedly high, so companies decided to open even those casinos without which they planned to start. However, now another threat has been hung over the city – protests.

The death of George Floyd when detained by the police caused a wave of turbulent protests, which spread around the country even faster than COVID-19. This is no longer the first case when the Black American dies due to excessive police actions.

According to CNBC, in Las Vegas, the police accelerate protesters with rubber bullets and used tear gas directly in the famous Casino district. If over these couples, there is no concern for these couples, Vegas may threaten another blow.

True, one of the experts noted that they are afraid not so much anxiety on the street, how much the second outbreak of the epidemic that can follow as a result of these protests. Then business will close again indefinitely.