The Spanish Casino Casino Casino Casino Casino will even further expand its presence thanks to a strategic partnership with a leading software provider, Igaming Microgaming. Under the conditions of the newly signed transaction between the two companies, Red Rake will be able to integrate its most popular slots and video games with a Microgaming platform. This step will provide Red Rake access to a large network of international online gambling operators.
Reportedly, Spanish content studio will add a set of popular slots, including Bonnie & Clyde, Tiger and Dragon, Knights, The Asp of Cleopatra and Super12stars, one of its best issues 2019, to the Microgaming platform, which already contains the names of the best content providers for the casino.
Red Rake Games include a wide range of mechanics, metrics, the functions and bonus games to ensure that there is names in his portfolio for every taste. The Spanish company stated that its partnership with Microgaming corresponds to its expansion strategy and coverage of regulated gambling markets.