Famous provider of online casino games and software provider, Red Tiger will lead gambling players through the Wild Hatter in its latest game. Based on the iconic story about the tea party at the "Mad Hatter", 5×4 format slot with 30 payout lines are framed by the golden gate and is located in the magic, filled garden mushrooms.

The drums of the new game are there are characters from the famous history, including the "kettle" and the highest paid Cheshire cat, which spins in the charming soundtrack forcing the players to return to the game process again and again.
Wild-symbols launch a special response function, blocking one type of symbol and awarding successive response and multipliers in this wonderful psychedelic adventure. The new game is the latest addition to the award-winning RED Tiger portfolio, which has more than 120 games.

Karl Eilanson, Business Development Director in Red Tiger, said: "The Wild Hatter invites players in an exciting tour with the participation of one of the most beloved characters in the literature. This is a real hit, and we will be glad to see how well it will work well as part of the portfolios of other game operators ".