Slot mixes different elements of some under-genres to create a revolutionary exciting experience, combining role-playing action games, RPG type cruel and dir and, of course, traditional slot gameplay.

In the true manner of RPG, the game focuses on the character, while he fearlessly fights with dark forces who captured his land and destroyed his people. Now in search of retribution, he must fight with the forces of darkness to free his lands. The game follows him through the mountain peaks, where the battles with monsters occur along the way, and reaches the climax in an exciting battle with the main boss game.

We are especially proud of the "Dungeon" regime which, in fact, is an underground game card, allowing players to improve their equipment, changing the attributes of a character, health and clothing; What offers a fantastic player involvement platform.

It seems that many slots take inspiration from such topics, do you think that the sources of inspiration lack in the sector?

Of course, companies are often mixed and combined these well-known mechanics who have already received recognition of players, which may cause a lack of innovation.

It does not mean that suppliers intend to copy exactly games, they want to borrow the success that has gained market game. Some companies use cloning games as a business model, using past successes to attract the attention of the audience. Knowledge of how the audience will react to the mechanics this key to success for this model, and the use of such templates is a key way to achieve results.

However, this approach needs to be changed, as the market is already oversaturated with similar proposals. Playing in the "Traditional" slot, you have only one wait – winnings. We want to change it by expectation of the immersion. We want players to not just have fun of winning, but also from playful experience.

Dungeon good example; We not only created a story for a character, but also the experience itself, which gives pleasure from the gameplay, it comes from everything, including random events during rotation, in itself content, effects as if in the film and the feeling of the real "game".

Considering that development requires a lot of time, can we expect other RPG slots?

I will not disclose the details, but we will definitely stop at Dungeon. If we talk about the coup in the sphere of gamering process, the development gave us a huge experience, which opened the key points for literally every area of ??our business, and this we can now apply for future development.

What we have learned at the expense of the project gives us a chance to improve new products, and we will continue to concentrate on the concept of connecting the market for slots and games through other innovative concepts that will be presented quite soon.

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