In 2017, the inhabitants of Malta were spent on various types of gambling, including online games, more than 128 million euros, which is 3 million euros exceeds these figures for 2015. This is evidenced by these studies conducted by order of gambling management Malta.
The purpose of these studies was to establish the interest of Malta residents with various types of gambling for money and the age of the most gambling players. According to the results of the survey, it became known that about 170 thousand Maltesers who are fond of gambling, in 2017 preferred various lottery. In addition, almost half of gambling players (47%) are representatives of young people. This category of gamers prefers gambling online games, ignoring ground casinos.
Note that for Malta, the development of gambling has become one of the main in the economy of the country. Now in Malta a lot of different online casinos and their number is constantly growing. However, faithful casino lovers do not need to be upset, for them in Malta there are also a lot of gambling establishments.