The Government of Spain has published a law in the official newspaper, which cancels the Royal Decree of March 31 of this year, which has established restrictions on advertising Gambling online and sports betting.
Decree No. 21/2020, which entered into force on Wednesday in Spain, cancels Section 37 of the Royal Decline-Law 11/2020 of March 31. As a result, online game operators and rates are now allowed to return to its usual work, as before the previously entered measures associated with COVID-19.

As reported, the established restrictions apply to all organizations that carry out game or bets, which fall under the Law 13/2011. These organizations will be able to carry out their advertising and other marketing actions without hourly restrictions, with the exception of the guidelines that have already acted before the introduction of these restrictions.

This measure was used to prohibit marketing actions that directly or indirectly encouraged consumers to play gambling as a result of exceptional circumstances resulting from a coronavirus pandemic. Game companies were not allowed to carry out programs for engaging and loyalty by providing discounts, bonuses, gifts and T. D. Organizations were also prohibited to advertise their services in television and radio broadcasts, except from 1:00 to 5:00, as well as advertise, offering or sell goods or services through digital platforms, email and social networks.