Svenska Spel commissioned analysts from the Norwegian company Norstat to conduct a study to determine the favorite type of entertainment for the Swedes. 3800 respondents aged 15-75 named their favorite type of gambling product to the interviewers, no answer options.

Majority voted for Lotto games – local lottery brand. The second and third places also got the representatives of the lottery market. Well, the representative of the classic gambling Trivial Pursuit took the 4th place. 5th place went to video game The Sims, 6th place – casual mobile game Candy Crush. In seventh place – online poker.

Svenska Spel analyzed the results, and their analyst Martin Johhanson said that they see the origins of the current situation in advertising: gambling services are massively advertised in Sweden.

Interestingly, the Swedes still prefer to use the services of international operators of the gambling market. This is despite the fact that the largest local operator providing betting services has grown significantly in terms of. He, in fact, is Svenska Spel.

The total share of the country’s gambling market, which belongs to Swedish operators, however, fell by almost 2% – to 8.2 billion Swedish kronor. Well, international operators have strengthened their positions by 12.5% ​​- now their increase in local money is estimated at about 3 billion.

In the first half of 2018, the total income of Svenska Spel sank by 1.3%. However, in the online betting segment, they have seen a very active growth – plus 22.6%, which is 1.3 billion Swedish kronor.