Add to igorny regulator Sweden, Spelinspektionen, recently flies a lot of criticism. There are a lot of restrictions on the industry, which provokes the demand for unlicensed online casino in the country.

The regulator wanted to fight "illegal" received the right to block the players transactions. However, more than a year and a half passed and the situation has not changed, since the implementation of justice is preventing the bank secrecy law.

Banks and financial institutions have no right to transfer the data to the regulator. Therefore, the fact of illegal activity is impossible to prove. Because of this, according to the representative of SpelinSpektionen, they have not yet been able to block any illegal online casino.

To exercise your duties, the regulator wants to make changes to the Bank Secret Law. Then he will be able to provide a court of evidence of violation of laws. That is, the evidence that the operator served Swedish players without having permission.