The authorities of the Kaliningrad region developed a new procedure for oversight of the organization and conducting games of the integrated resort entertainment zone "Amber", according to which the officials authorized by the authorities can be inspected by this IRS, and the results of these checks should be displayed in reports and publicly available.
It is reported that now employees of the Ministry of Regional Development will be endowed with the functions of supervision. These employees may at any time begin an unscheduled inspection of the gambling zone "Amber" in order to identify and suppress the possible various violations that can be allowed by the organizers of the Games in ICRZ "Amber", as well as other authorized representatives and companies working in this gambling area.
Note that only for January of the current year, the gambling zone "Amber" brought more than 10 million rubles to the treasury. According to the regional Ministry of Finance, as of February 1, 2019, in the budget of the region in January from the operators of the Igor market in the form of tax deductions received 10 million 100 thousand rubles. And budget appointments for the current year from the operators of the Igor Sector, working in the territory of the Kaliningrad region, must be more than 130 million rubles.