Regulators of 15 European states, to which the American state of Washington also joined, was signed by a declaration that sheds the light to erase boundaries between gambling and other virtual entertainment, as well as related risks.

Regulators are especially wary of such online entertainment formats as casino-themed mini-games, social casinos, loot boxes and skin betting.

The content of the declaration emphasizes that these types of entertainment are not formally gambling in their actual representation, but have overlapping characteristics with the latter. In turn, they are not regulated by the law.

British Gambling Commission Executive Director Neil MacArthur says the goal of bringing together regulators around the world is to raise awareness of the hottest issues from virtual gambling companies. They say the risks associated with gambling should not be ignored, and market workers can play an important role in their analysis. Well, in the case of cooperation, representatives of the market with regulators can be achieved due level of custom protection (especially for minors).