A resident of Vladimir, who worked in the organization of underground casinos, was sentenced to a fine of 250 thousand rubles in the decision of the Frunzen Regional Court. The investigation found out that in February 2016, a convict rented a room at Konbayysheva, 66, setting 13 gaming devices there. In illegal business, there were several employees of the service personnel of the underground casino.

On the streets of Merges and Tchaikovsky – also in non-residential rented premises – a similar scheme was checked.

The situation was revealed in February 2017, when the halls were closed by law enforcement agencies, and equipment – seized.

It was expected that the defendant would be punished with imprisonment, but investigators did not take him into custody. Moreover – the criminal case was closed.

The site of the court commented on the situation as follows: the defendant redeemed the guilt, apologizing to the state through the prosecutor and providing financial assistance to kindergartens.

Also, the defendant was discharged a fine of 250,000 rubles.