MAXD, one of the employees of the Casinomeister Forum, noticed an interesting connection between changes in the rules of the regulator and the behavior of the players. He is responsible for solving problems between players and casinos, and said that recently the number of complaints about self-exclusion and the responsible game increased.

And it coincided with the moment when the British regulator made a casino responsible for ensuring that they follow the responsible game of their customers. According to MAXD, there are also trends in the sphere of complaints. There were periods when complaints were prevailed for non-payment, then RTP, and now in trend self-exclusion and responsible game.

You can call me a cynic, but it seems that as soon as the Government of the UK made a casino responsible for self-exclusion and manner of the expenditures of British players, the essence of the complaints received by us significantly moved towards self-slip and responsible game. If these complaints for the most part were real problems from players who really try to control their gambling habits, I would have had nothing against, but in reality it is not. The overwhelming majority of complaints about self-slip and responsible games that I watched for the last 6 months, at best, were misunderstanding, and most were frankly suspicious and false.

In his opinion, placing responsibility for the casino for determining the problem players and prevented damage to them, the regulator opened the door for numerous fraudsters. Now they abuse this, trying to catch up, because in fact, any player can accuse the casino in that it allowed him to play too much. Moreover, the failed attempt does not threaten them any punishment.