The Czech Republic’s authorities plan to introduce additional tax on major winnings in gambling establishments and during lotteries, including state. The bill from the Ministry of Finance of this country, which has already approved the Czech government, is invited to establish such winnings of 15% by tax, although now such winnings are not taken into account as income. This is reported by the publication Gazeta.CZ.
This innovation from the Ministry of Finance has outraged many owners of gambling institutions in the Czech Republic. According to them, such actions of the Czech authorities will lead to a sharp decrease in the number of visitors to local casinos. Also in the country will not be investing major world market operators, which, working in the Czech Republic, would pay significant tax deductions to the local budget.
Also, many fear that such ill-conceived aims of the authorities will lead to the flourishing in the Czech Republic of the Black Sea Casino market, which will not pay taxes at all, and players will not be protected by law.
Note that if this draft law from the Ministry of Finance will receive the approval of both Chambers of Parliament of the Czech Republic, and then the president will sign it, he will begin to act this year.