On average, players use less than 50% of play content, as they prefer to play familiar games. This means that from a commercial point of view, adding each new game gradually becomes less and less justified.

Complexity for operators is now not in the provision of better content, but how to effectively post your portfolio players. E-commerce companies, such as Amazon, Netflix and Spotify have already encountered the difficulties of excessive volume and managed to cope with them through the effective use of customer behavioral data and artificial intelligence.

For example, individual recommendations NetFlix users are based on the fact that during registration the subscribers indicated how they liked that they watched and what they were liqueurized or what they did not like on the service and T.D. For users, the withdrawal of the best recommendations is a more appropriate method than categorizing content according to the genre, because it allows the platform to recommend the content of high quality, which, in their opinion, the consumer will want to see, based on past preferences.

We need to learn from these leading companies and bring a similar level of complex contribution to our industry. We need to learn to better present the desired content at the right moment. Game recommendations should be based on the results of predictive analysis and analysis of artificial intelligence.

Sometimes there may be a desire to directly ask the client that he or she considers a shortcoming requiring improvements. Such surveys may be useful in solving certain types of problems, including problems related to user experience. However, when it comes to choosing a new content, customers are often in doubt and do not know what they would like, and what new options they would like.

Therefore, we faced considerable complexity; We need an artificial intelligence algorithm, which will find a way to offer the end user that content that he or she will like.

The goal when promoting the game to the user is to find a balance between the creation of minimalistic design and motivate it to try new games and look for a new experience. It is very unlikely that there is one solution to the problem of redundant deliveries of content, but it is clear that it is not enough to increase the number of games. This process must be accompanied by improvements in how these games will be presented by the player."

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