The representative of the Labor Party of the Labor Players of Great Britain Tom Watson said that his party, if won elections in 2022, will fight against the serious problem of the dependence of the British from gambling and forbade payments in online casinos using bank credit cards.

"Bank credit cards are misleading, people begin to spend much more money than actually can afford. And very strongly affects people dependent on gambling. We have specific methods to combat ludomania, from which more than 400 thousand people have already suffered in the UK. Gambling is a real disease for the British. Our party, winning the elections, will definitely stop it, but now we still have very little resources to cope with this serious problem, "the politician said.

Tom Watson reminded the ban on the media and the Internet advertising on the advertising of gambling, noting that the Labor Party Party will make a maximum effort in order to at least finally attract the response to those who do not comply with new laws of operators.