Due to the Lucky Numbers feature, several numbers are chosen in random, which are assigned multipliers from x50 to x500. If the player put on this happy number, then he gets the corresponding multiplication of the bet. Of all kinds of online roulettes, this is one of the most interesting. It is not in the usual format, but as an exciting show.

Speed ??Roulette – a high-speed roulette in which one round takes 25 seconds that according to the developer data, is the fastest view of the roulette – twice as fast as the usual game. Speed ??increases due to the fact that the placement of rates occurs directly during the wheel rotation. So, there is no downtime in which players make bets.

Another interesting invention from Evolution Gaming is Instant Roulette. Another option that can shorten the time of idle time. Instead of one wheel, this game uses 12 wheels, and at one of them is constantly ready for launching a new round. And if you press the rates to be repeated, you can almost instantly turn on the next draw.