Unlike SlotSmillion Casino, William Hill Players will be able to use not only Oculus Rift, but also a cheap alternative, Google Cardboard. Such cardboard glasses on Amazon cost $ 15, if you buy from official Google. There are prices and below. Points are working like this: refuel your phone into the front of the design, run the game and get into virtual reality.

Own glasses and racing, players will be able to view not only the race itself, but also data about their horse and race. Looking down, players see the heart rate, the length of the jump, the distance to the finish line and what position is at the moment there is a horse. It will all be not just numbers, but real data.

It is assumed that in some offices there will be horses and rider helmets with embedded glasses Oculus Rift. The player puts on a helmet, sits on a horse and can bet and watch real races live. If the concept is well worked, it will be great entertainment.