The streamer concludes that Casino is ready to serve players who spend, but do not win. If someone wins well, they will do everything so that in the end the money remains in the casino.

The same thought supports both in the video he speaks On the complaints of players for slow verification. Checking documents takes a day. If any additional requirements arise, the player sends new docks and then waiting for a day. This is done to play the player.

He also said that he was also required from particularly suspicious players Verification by Skype via video communication. He suggested that the category of "especially suspicious" they attribute players who are in positive.

There were also assumptions that Frank Casino could tweak the slot. This suspicion appeared after he played the week in the Girls with Guns from Microgaming and spent 20+ million million. Vitus said that he plays this slot for many years and knew perfectly like he pays. And here all week and 20+ million in the Frank casino, the slot did not give him payments above x300. This, according to him, can not be. He made a glimpse that it can be microgaming, but more leanned to the version that could be the guide of the casino invented how to twist the slot.

Experience of other posters

In the video, he also suggests that one strider casino Disappeared referral. When he appealed to a partner, he was told that some new rule appeared, according to which his referral was taken away from him. At the same time, the partner did not even report anything. And whether it is inattentive, I would not even notice.

Another case is already with another poster. He had a major referral that halted in a casino. Both were familiar, so the poster watched the streets and saw his acquaintance lost a lot of money. The partner went to check how much the income accrued to him and it turned out that most of the profits came under the category of casino promo. That is, these money did not go to the bill.