The Government of Wakakima signs the IR agreement with Clairvest [Zebr_Tag_ / H1 & GT; & LT; / DIV & GT;

The Government of Wakaika Prefecture has signed a basic agreement with a consortium under the Clairvest guide on the management of an integrated resort with a casino (IR) in the prefecture. The agreement is the first such contract signed by Japan’s prefecture.

The agreement includes "Questions regarding the burden of expenses" for a consortium, as well as details on the creation of an IR company and in good faith.

Now the prefecture and consortium will work together on the development plan of the territory, explaining how IR will contribute to the development and tourism in Wakakayim. This plan will be represented by the Central Government of Japan until April 28, 2022.

If the site, which will be located in the city bay of Vakanura, will be chosen to accommodate one of the three integrated resorts of Japan, Clairvest will build an area of ​​569,000 square meters, of which 38,000 square meters will be playgrounds.

The hotel will also have a large conference room with an area of ​​about 45,000 square meters, as well as a number of objects such as the Japanese Heritage Museum, Restaurants, Celebrating Complex and City Sports Park. He can also take 2700 guests.