To protect your account from scam attack, PayPal offers security code that will be sent to your phone at each entrance. Moreover, transaction information will come to have an experienced user, which makes it possible to track unauthorized actions.

Protection of users from deception. You can be sure that at any unpleasant situations paypal will not remain aside, how many other payment systems do. For example, if the user pays the goods on the Internet and the seller deceives him, the payment system will return the money to the buyer. Such policies gives PAYPAL casino players.

Although the players of the casino can not worry. PayPal does not cooperate with whom. So if you see the casino receiving PayPal, you can be sure that these are not fraudsters. High requirements for operators are the reason that PayPal is significantly inferior in popularity to such systems as Skrill or Neteller.

High speed deposits and conclusions. Players do not have to wait long until the deposits are credited to their account. Conclusions are also carried out relatively quickly. This is a very important point, since players value quick conclusions. After all, otherwise, some people appear to cancel the conclusion and spend money. If you believe different resources, then frequently paypal conclusions come almost instantly.

Limited selection of casino. The only drawback is that PayPal casino is very limited. For example, in our rating of more than 120 operators only about 20 offer this method of payment. For comparison, Skrill take over 110 casinos. Even casino on Webmoney is twice as bigger than PayPal.

Of course, there are complaints of PayPal casino. But this is usually standard complaints that do not belong to the balance system. Usually complain that the casino does not displays winnings, and this is due to the violation of the rules. To the payment system you do not have. It works quickly and reliably.