T.E. The calculation on the fact that the player will think that it is registered for example in a Joycasino casino – in fact will be registered in the Pinup casino, only learns it a little later when it goes to confirm the account on the mail. This is a deception, fraud, the introduction of a delusion player! – Call how you want. Here are some examples:

Promotional registration in the PIN-UP casino, disguised as a brand Playfortuna:

Promotional registration in PIN-UP, under the guise of registration in Joycasino and Casino-X:

What traffic takes a partner pinuppartners

What traffic takes a partner pinuppartners

I consider dishonest work with those who create such creatives and thereby interferes with the work of affiliate programs with which I have been cooperating. Partnership – it is bilateral ..

It’s one thing when afflaught shifts his brand traffic to another casino – his traffic that wants with him that it does (if not afraid to be blocked). But another thing when the affiliate itself contributes to this … although it may normally? And soon everything will start doing so, I xs … For me it is somehow wrong.

Well, it’s like working with Adidas and at the same time with ABIBAS, which parasitiate on a popular brand. Gets Adidas losses due to the existence of such fakes like Abibas? – Of course gets. ABIBAS partners interfere with Adidas’s work – of course interfere … I prefer to work with Adidas-Ami from the world of gembling, and not with "Abibas-Ami … something like that.

PIN-UP casino removed from all rankings on the site. The page with review is left for reviews and players complaints.

And in the PinupPartners partner there is just "Gorgeous" point of rules 1.5: "PIN-UP Partners’s affiliate program reserves the right to refuse to cooperate to a particular partner without explaining the reasons."

POSHFRIENDS Affiliate Program Comment:

We consider it phishing. They suffer primarily players. They are deceived on a third-party site using the names of popular brands. Secondly, it is a violation of copyright. We did not give permission to commercial use of our logos, site design and brand names. Thirdly, the level of their projects is immediately visible. When no one heard about your casino, you can only go on powerful competitors brands. We think the difference between Gucci and the Gussi t-shirt with Aliexpress is obvious.