No matter how much they say that the chief seatingman for lawlessness among messengers is Telegram, this time the WhatsApp distinguished. The Authority of Taxation and Social Control of Gaming, Bolivian Gambling and Social Control Of Gaming revealed that online casino workers are actively tidown to the WhatsApp game. Similar actions were found in WECHAT.

From the mouth of the regulator it became known that over the past 4 years the number of cases of attraction to the game through WhatsApp from illegal market operators has increased. This application was recognized as the most popular for these purposes among all other messengers.

To increase the chances of opening a message, operators mask them for neutral advertising content or business development tips. Well, the present package of services offered includes a trip to the restaurant and illegal in Bolivia Gambling.

For 2017, the regulator has already covered 39 such illegal institutions. However, despite the efforts of the initiators, the casino in Bolivia continue to exist and enjoy certain demand from the local population.