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Yggdrasil, the World Publisher of Content, dedicated to gambling on the Internet, presented its exciting deep-water adventure of Atlantean Gigarise, representing the latest patented system of interaction with games.

Thanks to the new exciting GiGarise mechanics, when special trident symbols fall out, the drum rises for one position at a time to the maximum of eight characters, which dramatically increases the number of winning methods to 32,768 and significantly increases the gain potential.

In addition to the fact that the Gigarise mechanic was added to the YggDrasil portfolio, the Gigarise mechanic, in the new game there is also an exciting jackpot mechanic when players explore the sunken palace.

Three or more scattering ATLANTEAN seashells start free spinning mode, in which the drums are often rising for more winnings, and also offers more bonus games to give players a chance to win huge amounts.

If the drum reaches its full height and lands a special trident symbol, an ancient mechanism opens, where players can find a bronze, silver or golden key, opening a bonus chamber. In the mode of free rotations twice activating the same drum, players get the legendary key.

Bonus camera filled with jacpotes, players need to place a bonus symbol in a winning row to get the appropriate jackpot. Jackpots are summed up with an existing hit Yggdrasil, Jackpot Raiders, which gives players a huge chance of winning.

Gigarise Mechanics – Last Added in Yggdrasil. Proposal to engage in the game (GEM), which also includes Gigablox, Splitz and Multimax. GEM Offer Available to All YG Masters partners that can use mechanics when developing their own game.