We have a set of unique promotional tools that we use to encourage our players, including streamers. In collaboration with operators, the streamers can carry out various campaigns for their audience, which will be exclusively in our games. We also work on new tools specifically designed for the streamer community. In the future, they will be able to make a revolution in the Streams.

We do not shift our focus in the development of exclusively towards the stereos, we always keep them in mind and think whether the new game we develop is attractive for that community and how we can increase its attractiveness. Interesting Bonus Games with excellent winning potential among our priorities. Large winning during broadcast becomes excellent advertising game. We always want to become the first to choose the streamers.

What do you think is waiting for having stops in the future? In particular in the current climate?

I think the future looks very positive for streamers. They have an impact, and as we know, with the influence there is a big responsibility. It is important that the streamers promote the responsible game and did not donate the influence of the sake of short-term benefits. Being a portal to online gembling for many new players, one of their roles is aware of them about risks of gembling. Also, being the face of the community of players, they can improve how our industry perceive, and influence the future regulation directly.

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